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I think I have it all figured out

I’ve spent a significant amount of time in medical care facilities in the past few months.  First, my mother had a heart attack this summer, went into cardiac arrest (twice!) and spent two weeks in a specialty hospital, followed by four weeks in a rehab facility.  She was quickly followed by my father who needed two heart stents himself.  The next day he was back in the hospital with a tear in his bowel.  They managed to stay upright and mobile for a few weeks before her chest pains returned.  She went to our county hospital for a heart cath and they placed a stent.  That went beautifully.  When they removed the sheaths from her leg artery she wouldn’t quit bleeding and earned herself a second helicopter ride and ended up at the specialty hospital all over again for a week long stay.  She should come home tomorrow.

Dayum.  I’m just saying.

Through all of this, I’ve been subjected to more FOX News and Bill O’Reilly than is good for a person.  I’m pretty sure that if the nurse took my blood for a change it would come back with the blood type F-O-X.  I would hope that they would at least offer me a narcotic painkiller if that were the case.

My mother laments the idea that Obamacare might limit her Medicare (which I don’t think it would) while explaining without a trace of malice, that Medicare will not pay for her current hospital stay past next week.

I listen to her in rehab relish the idea of “choice” in Medicare as advocated by Mr. Ryan while her hallmates wandered up and down the hall looking for their purses and wondering why they left home without their money.  Yes, every dementia patient should have “choice.”

She looks at me, often, and expresses disdain.  “I don’t know how someone as smart as you can be a Democrat.”  I recognize all the fervant religious belief she has loaded into that statement and simply change the subject rather than reply with the truth: “Because our religion tells us that we have to give a crap about the poor mom, though we seem to have conveniently forgotten that.”

In all of this, I’ve figured out what is wrong with America and why someone like Mitt Romney is a viable political choice.  I understand why we would choose someone who has never known a day of struggle to shape economic policy for the middle class. I understand why we no longer understand logical arguments. I understand why people embrace the Republican party so fanatically.

We have, as a group, clearly lost our fucking minds.




I am one of the 47 percent

For the past few years, after we have completed all of our paperwork, we have not owed any income taxes.

We don’t receive government benefits, housing, or insurance.  I do not expect for the government to pay for the private school I wish I could send my son to, the one I probably will send him to, or the day care that he currently attends.

We work our asses off.  I have a master’s degree, but chose a rather low income profession.  My African immigrant husband is currently in school, working full time, and hoping for a better job in the future.  We forego the pleasures of going out to eat frequently, meeting friends for drinks and the last vacation we went on was our honeymoon 6 years ago.  We spent one night in a different city and that was that.  We forego these things to pay our legitimate bills.

We are not quite poor. I guess we are lower middle class.

I am one of the 47 percent and Lord Romney can kiss my ass.

Republicans? I just don’t get you.

What’s the trio of subjects you do not bring up in polite company?  Religion, politics, sex?  Well, I mentioned religion yesterday.  Time for politics next.  Sex?  Probably never to be talked about on here.  Girl has to have some limits you know.

Okay, so I know some will find this offensive and I’m sorry, but Republicans?  I don’t get you.

I’m surrounded by them in my community and my family.  My mother.  My brother in law.  Half the people I work with and most of the families I teach.  When I find a Democrat amongst them I want to tongue kiss them like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s a rare occurence.

This came to mind because a former student pasted on Facebook yesterday about being out on the lake.  This student comes from a very wealthy family who has accomplished great things.  He had the privelege of an elite private school.  His college education?  Totally paid for. No student loans for him.  And at the age of 25 he’s out on his parent’s boat on the lake enjoying his Labor Day Weekend.  I’m happy for him.

Except he’s also begun posting lots of Republican drivel and I’m sure he espouses the “I built that” mentality.  He hasn’t built anything.  He’s enjoying the privelege he has due to his parents’ hard work managing others who make significantly less money who actually did the work. Do you know who “built” him?  I did.  HIs parents did.  His teachers, friends, and community did.  The people who work for his parents did. No matter the product produced, you had help.

I also do not understand those who will vote against their own interest this fall. My mother had a heart attack this summer and spent significant time in rehab.  She hated it.   Even though she was in a short term rehabilitation wing, she was housed with people 20 years older than her who were on the fast track to dementia.  Women wandering the hallways at 2 am looking for their purses.  It waas hard.  She also loves her Medicare and is quite vocal about that.

Yet, because she is so blindingly pro-life (as am I), she will vote Republican this fall (as I will not), even though neither party will do one thing about abortion and her party would like to give vouchers for elder care.  A voucher?  If you don’t know where your purse is, I’m not sure you are equipped to choose a health care plan or have the extra funds available to bridge the gaps in your care.

Another friend who doesn’t even fucking vote has plenty to say. She is opposed to the President and his health care reform.  Her family owes THOUSANDS…probably upwards of $100,000 in medical bills due to a crappy employer provided plan that has a $20,000 out of pocket per year per family member.  She has not been well for several years and I know that she has maxed out her insurance.  She stands to benefit directly from any change in health care…. and yet…and still….

As for others that I come across who think that “regulation is killing small businesses…”  are you kidding me?  Regulation is the only thing that keeps behemouths from reaching directly in your pocket and taking your money while they stick their other hand up your ass, just because they can.  For every single regulation?  There is a company who made that rule necessary.  You can no longer trust corporations to do what is best for the customer in order to survive.  They have become too big, too wealthy, and too powerful in order for that to happen…bank bailout, anyone?  I’m not anti-corporation, but let’s stop pretending that businesses, big or small, have any kind of internal, moral compass, shall we?  Business only real goal is profit, one way or another, and its morality is only as good as that of the owner or the board who stand to gain financially by their decisions.  How much are their morals worth?  For some, the price is far too low.

Republicans. I do not get you.

Things that piss me off Thursdays

  • Not getting to post on a Thursday because I was too tired at 4 PM and too insomniac at 10 PM which led to an actual bedtime of 8:30 PM and sleep time of 11:30 PM.  That is one fucked up evening.
  • Friends who promote their shady business ventures on Facebook.  I love Facebook. I am alllll about the oversharing on Facebook.  If you are a blogger, go right ahead and post your newest link.  If you are a small business owner and you want me to know about your specials or your hours, great.  If you sell weight loss shakes, brag endlessly about the BMW your “company” “gave” you, and boast about your gym workouts, you will totally piss me off.  And if you post this:

I will restrain myself, barely, from writing “An asshole.” in your comments.

  • Fast food estabishments that switch up their products without telling you that your egg allergic son has been served an “egg” bun for his Jr. Hamburger.  Got that “Bendy’s,” you bitch?   I have enough on my plate, with or without your Chili, I don’t need his vomit on it too.
  • If you are a local Baptist church that chooses to put incendiary comments on your very public sign, then please, for the love of Christ, learn to use “You’re” properly.  Posting “Your’e” isn’t even close to an acceptable misuse.  It’s just plain ignorant and speaks volumes for the rest of the crap you put up there.
  • Hey local business with your cute red and white Tea Party “I built this,” yard sign… I assume you mean the building?  No?  Oh then the road that brings your patrons to you?  No?  Ohhh…then the sewer system that your sign is posted over?  Oh…no, not that either?  You didn’t even build the sign?   Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  I’m not sure what it is that you built without help then.
  • If you have a job, could you please just do your job?  Just do your job.  Don’t pawn pieces of your job off on someone else.  Don’t pretend that it isn’t your job to do some task, when I know that it is.  Don’t act like it’s my fault that something isn’t done properly when it was your job to do so in the first place.  Know your job.  Do your job.  I’m talking to you insurance company, doctor’s office, fast food workers, apartment complex, etc. etc. etc.

Look forward to next Thursday where I will piss and moan about a new variety of things.



Yeah, anonymous blogging is the way to be.


I sat and wondered, “Is a second blog for me? Do I really need an anonymous blog?” And then I saw this posted on a friend’s Facebook:

I stopped myself from typing:

And I never, not one time, have ever met a veteran who refused treatment at a Veteran’s Hospital or refused Medicare.

Because, seriously.  Do they not see the hypocrisy in this?

I say to Veteran’s:  You soak up that free government healthcare because God knows you earned it and I’m more than happy to pay for it, for the rest of your life.

But to live in a country where every one is safe, isn’t that what you fought for?  Doesn’t “safety” extend further than simply “not being killed by an enemy?”  What if your enemy is cancer?  Diabetus?  Multiple sclerosis?  Shouldn’t we all be “safe?”