I am one of the 47 percent

For the past few years, after we have completed all of our paperwork, we have not owed any income taxes.

We don’t receive government benefits, housing, or insurance.  I do not expect for the government to pay for the private school I wish I could send my son to, the one I probably will send him to, or the day care that he currently attends.

We work our asses off.  I have a master’s degree, but chose a rather low income profession.  My African immigrant husband is currently in school, working full time, and hoping for a better job in the future.  We forego the pleasures of going out to eat frequently, meeting friends for drinks and the last vacation we went on was our honeymoon 6 years ago.  We spent one night in a different city and that was that.  We forego these things to pay our legitimate bills.

We are not quite poor. I guess we are lower middle class.

I am one of the 47 percent and Lord Romney can kiss my ass.

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