Things that piss me off Thursdays

  • Not getting to post on a Thursday because I was too tired at 4 PM and too insomniac at 10 PM which led to an actual bedtime of 8:30 PM and sleep time of 11:30 PM.  That is one fucked up evening.
  • Friends who promote their shady business ventures on Facebook.  I love Facebook. I am alllll about the oversharing on Facebook.  If you are a blogger, go right ahead and post your newest link.  If you are a small business owner and you want me to know about your specials or your hours, great.  If you sell weight loss shakes, brag endlessly about the BMW your “company” “gave” you, and boast about your gym workouts, you will totally piss me off.  And if you post this:

I will restrain myself, barely, from writing “An asshole.” in your comments.

  • Fast food estabishments that switch up their products without telling you that your egg allergic son has been served an “egg” bun for his Jr. Hamburger.  Got that “Bendy’s,” you bitch?   I have enough on my plate, with or without your Chili, I don’t need his vomit on it too.
  • If you are a local Baptist church that chooses to put incendiary comments on your very public sign, then please, for the love of Christ, learn to use “You’re” properly.  Posting “Your’e” isn’t even close to an acceptable misuse.  It’s just plain ignorant and speaks volumes for the rest of the crap you put up there.
  • Hey local business with your cute red and white Tea Party “I built this,” yard sign… I assume you mean the building?  No?  Oh then the road that brings your patrons to you?  No?  Ohhh…then the sewer system that your sign is posted over?  Oh…no, not that either?  You didn’t even build the sign?   Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  I’m not sure what it is that you built without help then.
  • If you have a job, could you please just do your job?  Just do your job.  Don’t pawn pieces of your job off on someone else.  Don’t pretend that it isn’t your job to do some task, when I know that it is.  Don’t act like it’s my fault that something isn’t done properly when it was your job to do so in the first place.  Know your job.  Do your job.  I’m talking to you insurance company, doctor’s office, fast food workers, apartment complex, etc. etc. etc.

Look forward to next Thursday where I will piss and moan about a new variety of things.



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